Tyrese Gibson Breaks Down in Tears – TMZ

Vin Diesel gives Emotional Speech at Paul Walker Crash Site – TMZ

TMZ just couldn’t get the point that Vin Diesel was not up for conversation.  Was he pissed or just in shock at what just happen?  Being a public figure, Vin Diesel definitely kept his composure in this forced interview from TMZ.  To say the least I would have more than likely snapped and told the reporter to “F-OFF!” especially when asked if this has ever happened before or will the movie go on.  Personally, I think all the movies Vin and Paul made in this series wouldn’t be the same with out the duo and at this point the best decision that could be made would be to exclude a substitute for Paul.  The studio could possible write his unexpected death into the roll or have his character appear to be away in a retired paradise.  We all have our own opinion of what should be done, but I feel that the family should be involved in the decision and the movie dedicated to Paul Walker and his legacy.

I cannot begin to express to the Paul’s family how saddened many of us are and how Paul Walker will be greatly missed.  He is gone but never forgotten.  He is loved and cherished by those closest to him.  Paul Walker; May he live on in all our hearts as we reflect back at all he accomplished.
To Vin Diesel and everyone effected by the loss of Paul Walker, “He Lives Inside Our Hearts

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